About Rowan Mediation

Paul Brody

Owner / Mediator

Rowan Mediation came out of my work as Mediator for Criminal/Private warrants for Rowan County. Using the same Client-Centered approach to mediation as I do in private warrant court to help both the Defendants and Complainants settle their differences, that same approach is used to help couples in marital transition work through their difficulties to come to an equitable settlement. 

Private Practice Family Mediation supports the Client-Centered rather than the Law-focused mediation or traditional adversarial divorce practices in that we focus on the future and not on who was right and who was wrong or what the law dictates who gets what, but focus on what is in the best interest of the two parties involved and their children’s future relationships with their parents.

If for some reason the two parties and their attorneys cannot agree on a mediator and the court has to make that decision for you, I have completed the State required certification training for court-ordered family financial mediation and all the required observational training. You can have your respective attorneys contact my office to complete the required court paperwork and to set up an appointment.

Marital transition mediation is not just about property distribution. Because within all aspects of marital transition; Parental Agreements, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, and Equitable Distribution they are all intertwined within the whole of mediation, because each one is dependent on the other if a settlement agreement is to work and most importantly to last the test of time.

I offer a free 45 minute consultation. One of the requirements is that both parties need to attend at the same time. This is to insure my neutrality and for both parties to hear the exact same information about mediation and to hear the exact same answers to the question you may have about the mediation process. You have a number of choices that have to be considered, I want you to be informed of those choices and to answer any questions you have so you can choose the path that you feel best to take.

Day and evening sessions are available by appointment.

Blessed be the flexible, for they shall not get bend out of shape

Member of Cabarrus County Conflict Resolution Center